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Social Distancing & Dogs

I hope this post finds everyone in good health.

With COVID-19 coming at us from all sides. I think it’s important to talk about social distancing and dogs.

Just like us, dogs can struggle with isolation from the world and develop unhealthy mindsets.

When dogs don’t get the proper outlets (mental, physical, & social) their mental stability can decline. Behaviours such as anxiety, aggression, and reactivity can take the place of their nurtured, healthy metal states because their needs and drives are not being fulfilled.

NOW is the time to focus on making sure not only your needs are met, but your dogs are also. Do this by continuing your routine with them as if it were an average day and with the extra time you hopefully have, NOW is the time to get some extra training in!

So, if you crate them while you are at work, designate time during your day to crate them for an hour or two. Don’t let them just follow you around the house.

Do placement training, teach them a few new party tricks, take them outside to walk/run and keep a safe distance from others while letting your dog enjoy the sunshine and smell all the goodies out there.

Do some urban agility and have a structured walk! Keep their feeding schedule the same, but make them work for their food! Play hunting/hide and seek/foraging games with their meals.

Keep them mentally, physically, and socially stimulated (by social I mean exposure to the outside world/smells/sights/sounds and not in group settings for now).

By keeping THEIR mental state healthy, you will also keep YOUR mental state healthy. Be safe out there and send me your training updates and que



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