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Meet Ashley, your new favourite dog trainer


I began working with dogs professionally in 2016 in a boarding and dog daycare facility. During my time there,

I noticed many people were struggling with their dogs. I was often asked for advice and assistance when it came to their dogs. I felt a natural connection to each dog I worked with and quickly decided I wanted to

take a more proactive approach to help other dedicated dog owners learn how to communicate 

with their canine companions.










 I began learning from as many trainers in my area as possible, then I branched out and shadowed the trainers who taught them. I attended shadow programs and seminars developed to teach trainers how work with dogs of all breeds with all behaviours. I have had the pleasure of working under some world renowned trainers in the industry, including: Heather Beck, Jason Vasconi, Tom Davis, Jas Whiting,

Nelson Hodges, Kristin Morrison, Jay Jack, and many more.

I am also a proud member of the International Association of Canine Professionals.





Undergoing intensive training programs gave me the tools to switch gears in my career. I began building Malleable Mutts while working with an off leash dog hiking company in Kelowna, BC. This allowed me to expand my knowledge and expertise in dog behaviour, communication, and pack dynamic.











During the pandemic, we relocated to Red Deer, Alberta where I connected with Saving Grace Animal Society.

While there, I completed hundreds of mature dog behaviour evaluations, created and taught training protocols to the SG staff, helped challenging dogs find their forever homes and co-ran the SG monthly group training events for adoptees. I left SG after two wonderful years to focus on growing the Malleable Mutts community.











Having experience in many different aspects of the dog world has given me a variety of insights that allows me to be a very well-rounded handler and trainer. Attending workshops and seminars held by leaders in the dog training industry helps me expand my knowledge, skills and expertise.





My dog Yama, along with my desire to lead a life dedicated to learning and education, inspires me to help others understand how to efficiently communicate with their dogs.




I believe in developing mutual understanding between humans and canines by creating relationships

based on calmness, love, trust, and respect.


Let me help you build that relationship with your dog.

Give your dog the gift of a calm, happy mind by calling me today!

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