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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

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Amanda & Ginger

Ashley from Malleable Mutts was recommended to me as a trainer for our spaniel, Ginger and I am so thankful she was! We opted for private training in our home with Ashley and received so much guidance, instruction and encouragement that it has meant a major change in our sweet girl in such a short amount of time. Ashley is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and extremely effective at teaching humans how to communicate with their pups to correct problem behaviour. I would highly recommend her and feel that we received both amazing value and results!


Mike, Karen & Moose

Ashley is an amazing human being who is clearly passionate about her love for dogs and making sure they live their best life with their human families. We have seen so many improvements with our dogs behaviour after working with Ashley and retraining ourselves to give our dog the best chance for success. I Would recommend Ashely and Malleable Mutts to anyone looking for a common sense, easy to understand approach to training their four legged friends.


Tess & Tink

Ashley is an inspiration! Her knowledge, passion and dedication to everything canine is
amazing. She is teaching me how to help Tink, a 6.5-year-old Havanese, to overcome her severe separation anxiety. Ashley provided reading material that explains the theoretical framework of her training program, intense one-on-one coaching, and ongoing feedback of video sessions that I sent her. She has given me confidence and techniques to train Tink to become calm, and focused so that Tink is now able to tolerate being alone for at least 2 hours without having a major panic attack. I look forward to Ashley’s ongoing support as Tink and I continue this journey together.


Claudia & Henry

Ashley came highly recommended from a close friend and she exceeded our expectations. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Her approach was always positive, encouraging, and patient (with both our dog and us). She was always quick to respond to emailed/texted questions between sessions. We were often skeptical that our dog would be able to do some of the training, but Ashley always succeeded -- we were very impressed by her abilities. This is her calling! Thank you, Ashley, for everything!


Janice & Bruce

Thanks so much Ashley, Bruce has responded so well to the training and has made our home so much more calm and enjoyable. We're looking forward to the group walks soon, we will keep up with all we have learned and wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs your guidance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Midori, Jer & Huckleberry

We asked Ashley to help us with our 1 year old dog who was resource guarding. Our first session was online and we felt Ashley really took the time to understand us, and how/why our dog was behaving the way that he was. She laid out a very clear plan and provided many additional resources that were very helpful. We also got to do an in-person session with her too, which to no-ones surprise was AMAZING. She introduced us to several different tools to provide more communication with our dog while walking and we've seen great results since.
It's clear she is very knowledgeable about dog behavior and training and that she loves what she does. She advocates for you and your dog and teaches you how to better understand your dog and provide the structure and leadership to help put your dog at ease. We are so happy with the progress that our dog is making, and it's a relief to know that we have continued support from Ashley when new questions and situations pop up! I would recommend Malleable Mutts to anyone looking to start forming good foundations with their dog, as well as anyone who has specific training goals as well!


Danica & Molly

I would highly recommend Malleable Mutts Dog Training!
The changes I have seen in my dog, Molly, since completing Ashley’s training program have been incredible. Ashley taught me to use patience over pressure, and showed me how to communicate with Molly in a way that she understands and responds to.
Molly no longer pulls on the leash, and her overall demeanour has changed from an anxious dog to a calm, confident, and happy dog!
Molly and I look forward to taking more classes with Ashley in the future! 🐾


Petra Sheeley, Head Trainer and Owner of Beehive Dog Training

I had the pleasure of working with Ashley twice last year. She is a true professional, always looking to improve her skill and expand her knowledge. She is calm and patient with the dogs and their owners. She explains the concepts and skills in an easy to understand way. Ashley is personable, funny and easy to get along with.
I would recommend Ashley to anyone.


Chantelle & Gus

Ashley was exactly what we needed to get our 4-year dog back on track. Among other issues, we were struggling to walk him on the leash due to his reactivity to other dogs. Ashley came in and taught us how to build a relationship with him that allowed him to trust us to handle stressful situations so he could react with confidence and calm. In just 4 weeks, I went from actively avoiding other dogs on our walks to having the confidence that Gus can handle whatever gets thrown his way. She was so positive and calm - her love for dogs and their people is so genuine. Sessions lasted until we ran out of questions and I never felt like she was watching the clock. She has made herself available for follow up questions even though our official sessions have finished. I would recommend her without hesitation, whether you have a new puppy that is starting fresh or an experienced dog that needs some habit breaking and retraining.


Kirrah, Oscar & Lola

Ashley is a phenomenal dog trainer who is very passionate about the work she does and goes above and beyond. She understands every dog and family has unique training needs and takes the time to get to know her clients. Ashley was warm and welcoming which made it a comfortable learning environment for not only the human clients but also the dogs! Ashley taught me patience over pressure and I now have two much happier and confident dogs. I learned some fun games that stimulate their minds and I can take them both out on a nice relaxing walk together now without constant pulling. I highly recommend Malleable Mutts Dog Training to anyone looking to learn how to communicate effectively with their dogs and strengthen their bond!


James & Fundy

I highly recommend Malleable Mutts dog training. Ashley has been a wealth of knowledge and support on all aspects of our puppy's development. From nutrition and grooming, to socialization, positive games, and leash training.
Ashley was very flexible and worked with our family to set up a program that was best for us. Our pup, Fundy, made tremendous progress and Ashley did alot to build our confidence as dog owners.
We will definitely work with Ashley again!


Arun & Belle

Ashley is a great trainer. We highly recommend her.
She was able to come into our home and do the training with us, very accommodating with time too. We have an ozzydoodle pup. Lots of energy.
Since doing training and following Ashley’s advice, our Belle has calmed down a lot and very malleable. Lol. We get so many comments about how well behaved she is, sits and stays better, we are still working on recall. Overall huge improvement.
We are so impressed with her techniques, using a training leash and pressure rather than verbal commands and yelling at our pup.
We continue to follow Ashley’s techniques and we are seeing ongoing improvements.

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