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Items for your Pet First Aid Kit.

We love getting out to explore, and we always want to be prepared. Here is a list of items in a standard pet first aid kit: varying sizes of sterile gauze (5 x 5 cm, 7.6 x 7.6 cm, and 10 x 10 cm) abdominal pad (12 x 22 cm) assorted bandaids (for you!) gauze bandages 7.6 cm tensor bandages (5 cm, 7.6 cm) trianglar bandages latex gloves medical tape antiseptic wipes good quality scissors instant cold pack shock/thermal blanket a pet first aid reference guide Suggested additions: thermometer matches eye pad flashlight paper and pencil baking soda (bee stings) corn starch (to stop bleeding in broken nail) sterile water local emergency phone numbers additional bandages antiseptic ointment hydrogen peroxide (3%) good quality tweezers good quality tick remover tongue depressors instant heat pack grooming wipes towel or small blanket syringe 510cc saline solution sterile ziplock bags cloth muzzle collapsable dish unflavoured pedialyte benadryl or another antihistamine any medicals your dog may be on Looking for more knowledge on pet first aid? Get certified! Walks n' Wags is a Canadian company that offers both virtual and in-person training that I highly recommend to ALL dog owners.

Make sure you are prepared for anything the wilderness throws at your and your four-legged companion this year by getting your certification.

Contact Lisa from Walks N' Wags at to sign up today!


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