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Happy Holidays

Here are a few tips to make sure every family member has a safe and joyous holiday.

🎄Christmas trees, real or fake, present potential hazards. Their needles are sharp and harmful if ingested, the lights have electric cords that can cause electrocution, ornaments are easily broken or may be covered in toxic paint. Tinsel can quickly cause a GI tract obstruction. Edible decorations (popcorn strings/dried fruit) are tempting & may cause Fido to knock down the tree to reach them. Keep a close eye on Fido and use tools like placement, back tying, crating, ex-pens, baby gates, and other tools if you aren’t able to supervise them around the tree.

🕯 Candles are apart of many holiday traditions. While magical, their flame can pose a threat to Fido. Avoid putting them in areas such as the coffee tables, window sills, side tables, or other easy to reach areas. Those happy wagging tails need to stay far from any open flame. Use natural candles made from beeswax with vegetable-based dyes and unbleached cotton wicks so you aren’t accidentally emitting harmful toxins in your home.

🔥 Fireplaces will be keeping many of us cozy this winter season. Dogs are instinctual about fire and keep their distance. If you’re dressing up Fido near the fireplace for that perfect photo always have a fire screen in place. A stray piece of fabric can quickly catch fire. Hopefully you have been acclimatizing your pup to their new “clothing” so they’re stress-free during the photo-op.

🌱 Festive Plants, such as the Poinsettia, Holly, & Mistletoe are all poisonous to our pets and cause a range of harmful health problems. ANY plant you bring home should be pesticide free to keep you and your pets safe.

🕰 This is a busy time of year, be sure to set aside time for Fido, tire him out before visitors arrive, keep a close eye on him, give him rest in a quiet part of the house, and do your best to keep up with your training regime.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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